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IHGM using Whats Up Group for daily forum, however for big files and discussion we using F...
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Ketua Umum

A MESSAGE FROM KETUA UMUM IHGM | MR SIGIT BUDIARSO Salam IHGM untuk semua rekan rekan General Manager yang hebat di s


We are a group of non commercial General Manager who willing to share the knowledge, and together learn to be a great le...


  PENGURUS IHGM 2016 by IGH on APRIL 9, 2016 PENDIRI : Bapak Harli Yanto | harliyanto@ihgm.or.i...


IHGM PROGRAM  2016-2019 This year, some of the biggest names in the industry will come together to share insights, nurtu...

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Pelatihan Hotelier” Fire Evacuation and Closed Down Procedure” IHGM DPD Jogjakarta

IHGM DPD Jogjakarta mengadakan pelatihan hotelier di DeLaxston Hotel jalan Solo Jogjakarta, pelatihan Dengan Topik " Fire Evacuation and Closed Down Procedure" ini di ikuti oleh kurang lebih 180 peser...

Indonesian Hotel General Manager ( IHGM) signed MOU with Ministry of Tourism RI at Jakarta

Indonesian Hotel General Manager ( IHGM) signed MOU with Ministry of Tourism RI at Jakarta ...
IHGM Conference 2016
IHGM Latest Project IHGM Conference 2016 Novotel Hoteland Suites Surabaya  
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The Power of Guerilla Tourism & Hospitality Networking 2016
The Power of Guerilla Tourism & Hospitality Networking 2016
The Power of Guerilla Tourism & Hospitality Networking 2016 Tedjo Iskandar, Managing Director TTC Tours & Con
Liputan Jawa Post June 5th : IHGM Conference 2016 Movotel Surabaya
Liputan Jawa Post June 5th : IHGM Conference 2016 Movotel Surabaya
Liputan Jawa Post June 5th : IHGM Conference 2016 Movotel Surabaya ...
IHGM Kalteng-Kalsel menggelar Training Motivation
IHGM Kalteng-Kalsel menggelar Training Motivation
Selamat atas terbentuknya IHGM DPC Malang Raya dan Batu
Selamat atas terbentuknya IHGM DPC Malang Raya dan Batu
Selamat atas terbentuknya IHGM DPC Malang Raya dan Batu
Selamat atas terbentuknya IHGM DPD RIAU
Selamat atas terbentuknya IHGM DPD RIAU
Selamat atas terbentuknya IHGM DPD RIAU, 27 May 2016 Hari ini jumat tanggal 27 mei 2016, telah di bentuk DPD Riau : ...
PEMBENTUKAN PENGURUS IHGM PEMBINA UMUM : TBA Ketua Umum : Bapak Sigit Budiarso Ketua Harian I : Bapak Rondan Ketua H...

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IHGM DPD Jogjakarta mengadakan pelatihan hotelier di DeLaxston Hotel jalan Solo Jogjakarta, pelatihan Dengan Topik " Fire Evacuation and Closed Down Procedure" ini di ikuti oleh kurang lebih 180 peserta dari 50an hotel se Jogjakarta. Training ini di berikan oleh Pak Ketua IHGM DPD Jogjakarta, Benny HARLAN, salam sukses Dan salam IHGM Di sela sela coffee break, Pak Ketua sempat aja nich berpose dgn beberapa GM, ada Pak Agung Sasongko,,, Mas Atien,,,Pak Ketua Dan Pak Denmas Lulut,,, senyum aja mereka ini,, Sisi lain dari pelatihan IHGM DPD Jogjakarta di DeLaxston Hotel,,, ternyata banyak juga para GM Jogjakarta yg hadir dalam pelatihan tersebut,,, lihat ada ,,,ada Pak Agung Sasongko,,,Pak Denmas LUlut,,,Mas Ebiet" Hari" G Ade, Pak Ketua pasti datang dong,,,Mas Fendy,,,Mas Alex dari Amaris pendatang baru,,Pak Marah,,,Mas Atien ,,,Mas Achmad Amaris di gantikan oleh mas Alex,,, Mas Seno The Grove,,,hebat euiii pada kumpul semua,,, [gallery columns="4" ids="3645,3644,3643,3642,3641,3648,3649,3650,3651,3652,3653,3654,3655,3657,3658,3661,3669"]
-Pelatihan Hotelier” Fire Evacuation and Closed Down Procedure” IHGM DPD Jogjakarta
IHGM KEPRI memberikan kuliah hari pertama kepada mahasiswa/nahasiswi BTP Batam Bravo IHGM KEPRI ! [gallery columns="4" ids="3541,3542,3543,3544,3545,3546,3547"]
Seminar “know how to make yearly Hotel Budgeting” | “Cara Praktis membuat Budget Hotel” IHGM JATENG was held the seminar " Strategic Plans and Budgets, KPI and Benchmarking at Oak Tree Emerald Semarang STRATEGIC PLANS AND BUDGETS, KPI AND BENCHMARKING STRATEGIC PLANS AND BUDGETS Strategic Planning is done by senior management based on the vision and mission set for the business. The Strategic Plan qualitatively outlines the broad strategies which are to be followed to achieve the business goals. Budgets are the detailed plans that quantify these strategies into action plans: • allocating responsibility • providing measurable outcomes • defining levels of acceptable performance. The budget can provide the road map for business managers and staff to follow. Budget preparation should be continuous and involve a routine process of review and evaluation to ensure that the process is effective and has a positive cost benefit. That is the benefit derived from applying the budget must outweigh the cost of preparation and implementation. A well implemented budget system can assist management to organise and control a business. The traditional master budget for a business has four major parts: • the operating budget or the profit plan • the cash budget or liquidity plan • the projected financial statements • the capital expenditure budget Usefulness of Information In today's fast changing world, care should be taken that a budget is not too detailed to be useful. Many firms are finding that it is becoming more cost effective to reduce the time span and scope of the budgeting process. The stated justification is that an organisation does not have time to get into the detail. In many cases the Six Month Budget has been dramatically reduced to the Six Week Operating Budget Cycle, a short, focused and far more strategic budget. This strategic budget focuses on the larger business picture and avoids the detail that underlies the traditional budget process. Instead of preparing a complete fixed annual budget many managers are designing a process which uses a series of rolling six week or quarterly plans. Rolling budgets help businesses become more responsive to changing circumstances. Key Performance Indicators A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measure designed to track a critical performance variable over time. Performance information within performance management systems tend to cover the spectrum of: a) Performance indicators b) Performance measures c) Methods of measurement. Note that performance indicators try to determine: • The extent to which quantity of Outputs meet agreed standards/targets. • The extent to which quality of Outputs meet agreed standards/targets. • The extent to which timeliness of Outputs meet agreed time-frames. • The extent to which the cost of Outputs meets agreed standards/targets Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) critical to Financial Management functions can be derived from financial analysis of the Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet. The primary indicator is Return on Investment (ROI). These indicators assist the financial manager in analysing the current position of the firm and in considering trends and establishing patterns. The patterns which become evident can identify strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, and will be compared with planned projections and what is considered to be best practice for the industry or of competitors. The selection of relevant KPI's will depend on the circumstances of the analysis. An analysis may relate to any one of a number of needs - for example: • management considering the efficiency of internal operations • prospective external investors (either equity or debt) considering business prospects or valuations • employee bodies considering the fairness of remunerations • the owners of the business considering the returns from the business Examples of KPI's are: Profitability Targets; Financial Ratios (eg Gross Profit Ratio, Inventory Turnover, Price to Earnings Ratio, Liquidity); Sales Targets; Employee Productivity; Budget Targets; Cash Flow Patterns; and Cost Analysis and Behaviour; Customer Perspectives; Quality Measures. Trends and Benchmarking Benchmark The continuous process of measuring producers, services, and practices against strong competitors or recognized industry leaders. It is an ongoing activity that is intended to improve performance and can be applied to all facets of operation. Benchmarking requires a measurement mechanism so that the performance "gap" can be identified. Important aspects from the above include that: • It is a performance enhancement tool or process • There must be identifiable measures against which goals or targets must be set • Matching or surpassing the leader in terms of measures (“best practice”), should be the goal • The process is continuous and structured • Measures may be qualitative and quantitative In summary, an organisation compares its internal performance to external standards of excellence and acts to close any “gap”. Key performance indicators considered in isolation are of limited value, however when presented to display a pattern or a relationship to other factors over a period of time , they are able to describe business results comprehensively. These trends provide critical information for decision making. Graphical displays are helpful to communicate the patterns. Benchmarks allow comparison of an organisation's performance against the overall performance of the industry. Industry performance indicators are available from a range of sources - university research, the accounting professional bodies, and from industry associations. Return on Investment The concept of Return on Investment can be described in terms of two components: Profitability and Asset Turnover This relationship can be represented mathematically as: ROI = Net profit / Total assets = Net Profit / Sales x Sales / Assets Return on Investment = Profitability x Asset Turnover Many relationships can be derived from this formula as shown in the 'DU PONT MODEL'. This model shows how the balance sheet numbers can be analysed across a wide range of business activities to provide performance measurement. This model can be used to gain a greater understanding of a business from it's financial statements. Ratio analysis provides the tools to achieve this understanding. [gallery columns="4" ids="3483,3484,3485,3486,3487,3488,3489,3491,3492,3494,3495,3496,3497,3498,3499,3500,3501,3502,3503,3504,3510,3511,3512,3513,3514,3515,3516,3517,3518,3519,3520,3521,3522,3523,3524,3525,3526,3527,3528,3529,3530,3531,3532,3533,3534,3535,3536,3537,3538"]
-Seminar “know how to make yearly Hotel Budgeting”
Penandatangani Kesepakatan Kerja Indonesian Hotel General Manager (IHGM), Ketua Umum Bapak Sigit Budiarso, dengan Kementerian Pariwisata Republik Indonesia (cq Asisten Deputi Pengembanga SDM Kepariwisataan, Bpk Dr.Wisnu Bawa Tarunajaya, SE,MM disaksikan oleh Deputi Pengembangan Kelembagaan Kepariwisataan, Kementerian Pariwisataan Republik Indonesia, Prof. H.M. Ahman Sya. Seluruh kepengurusan DPP IHGM, Ketua dan Pengurus DPD dan Ketua dan Pengurus DPC dari Sabang Sampai Merauke Archipelago Nusantara hadir dan turut menyaksi Penandatangan MoU.
IHGM MoU event Discuss Tourism & Hospitality Matters. IHGM not only care about hotel itself, but so many social factors effect to tourism & Hospitality Industry
Indonesian Hotel General Manager (IHGM) mengundang Guest Speaker, Prof Yinglan Tan, dengan topik “Innovation and Enterprise In Travel” pada acara Penandatanganan Kesepakatan Bersama IHGM dengan Kementerian Pariwisata RI tanggal 11 Agustus 2016, Mercure kote Jakarta, Jam 08.00 sd 17.00.    
-IHGM MoU event Discuss Tourism & Hospitality Matters
TRIBUNJOGJA.COM - Semakin ramainya industri perhotelan di Yogyakarta, justru membuat para pelaku usaha hotel kian kreatif dalam meningkatkan revenue melalui strategi-strategi salesnya. Jumat lalu (1/7/2016) para General Manager Hotel di Yogyakarta yang tergabung dalam IHGM menggelar suatu pelatihan yang mengangkat tema Sales Strategy. IHGM (Indonesia Hotel General Manager) merupakan salah satu organisasi non profit yang dirintis oleh para GM pelaku pariwisata di bidang perhotalan terutama di Yogyakarta. IHGM ini di bentuk untuk menjembatani para pelaku usaha perhotelan dan membranding pariwisata yang ada di Yogyakarta pada khususnya.Selain itu, fungsi utama IHGM adalah menampung aspirasi dan mengembangkan kemampuan para karyawan atau staf hotel agar menjadi insan pariwisata yang profesional. Agenda kerja IHGM antara lain bakti sosial, training dan pelatihan,serta workshop dari para GM Hotel. Konsep utama dari setiap kegiatan IHGM adalah sharing knowledge antar sesama insan pariwisata.Para anggota juga IHGM pingin meningkatkan tingkat hunian dari wisatawan yang ada diYogyakarta. Kegiatan training yang pertama IHGM dilakukan pada tgl 24 Juni 2016 dengan materi "Kemampuan Dasar Pada Diri Manusia" yang di hadiri oleh teman-teman hotel dan restaurant dengan jumlah peserta 143 dengan trainer Bapak Beny H selaku GM Grand Seriti Madani Hotel. Untuk training yang dilakukan Jumat tempo hari, IHGM mengusung tema "Sales Strategy" bertempat di The Atrium Hotel and Resort. Pada training tersebut, yang dihadirkan sebagai trainer adalah Bapak Joko Paromo selaku GM The Atrium Hotel and Resort dengan jumlah peserta sekitar 149 orang.
"Di sini kita mengupas habis tentang perjalanan sebagi sales yang jitu untuk meningkatkan revenue hotel pada khususnya, dan meningkatkan persaingan bisnis hotel yang kreatif di Yogyakarta", ungkap Joko. (adv)
-Indonesia Hotel General Manager Gelar Pelatihan Sales Strategy